Innovative plant room acoustic isolation solution from Pliteq

Pliteq® is an engineering company and global innovator in recycled rubber building products for commercial sound control. Pliteq recycles the equivalent of 5 million tyres per year and is deeply committed to continued engineering research and development of its many products and manufacturing processes. They currently have 5 new inventions under development and many patents registered worldwide.

This commitment to engineering and development has led to over 7000 completed commercial projects globally.

With a total of 100 people devoted to sales and engineering worldwide, Pliteq has a dedication to exceptional customer service and technical excellence.

Pliteq is on a steady growth trajectory and will continue to be a leading innovator in architectural acoustics, vibration and sound control on a global scale.

Testing and Innovation is what sets Pliteq apart.

Their engineers have completed over 2000 laboratory tests in the last ten years with a commitment to a monthly testing schedule on all current and developing products.

It is their laser focus on innovation that led to the development of the GenieMat® FF25 and FF50 products as a solution to revolutionise the design of floating floor systems within the scope of Plant Room vibration isolation.

Previously in this scenario, a traditional ‘Jack-Up’ Spring System or Fibreglass ‘Puck’ system will be specified to offer acoustic isolation from all types of plant room machinery. These are very costly and time-consuming to install. Therefore Pliteq have developed a rubber alternative, which offers uniform acoustic performance, requires no bespoke layouts and is simpler, quicker and much more cost-effective to install.

Further details are on the attached document and technical presentations can be booked with:

Neil Johnson
National Sales Director - UK

It’s not magic, it’s engineering.®

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