Innovative LED Projector from Sill

Launched at Frankfurt’s Light and Building Show in April was Sill Lighting’s innovative Aeriel LED exterior / interior luminaire.

As a modular, adjustable and powerful projector, Aeriel combines the benefit of LED technology with Sill’s global reputation for optics and precision engineering.

Concept designed by Pritchard Themis of London with an attractive finned design, Aeriel is available with either one, two or three modules and each module can be independently rotated, can be either white or RGB-Amber and each can have different optic options.

Each module contains 32 power LEDs consuming just 74W with a total net luminous flux of about 3,000 lumens, very similar to that of a well glare-controlled narrow beam spot luminaire with 70W CDM-T lamp.

The new Aeriel projector is rated IP67 and is designed for column top or wall mounting and a variety of applications.  It can be a floodlight, a street light, it can uplight and downlight combined and it can be specified with a choice of optics for asymmetric, spot, narrow, wide or ellipsoidal beams.

Sill’s attention to thermal engineering ensures long LED life and high output whilst the orientation of the fins allows heat to be released and dirt to fall through.  The thermal engineering allows Aeriel to work in ambient temperatures of 40°C and on-board thermal management reduces power should the fitting overheat, for example, in high solar gain environments.

The usual choices of white colour temperatures and monochromatic colour are available.  However, when configured as a colour change fitting, Aeriel uses four channel RGB-Amber colour mixing, the additional channel allowing easier colour generation of subtle pastel shades and better whites.

Aeriel’s clever design integrates the LED drivers into the mounting stirrup, has a shallow profile and retains a cohesive look when multiple modules are aimed in varying directions as well as complementing building architecture.

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