Innovative and future-oriented

Future-oriented building shells must adapt perfectly to functional requirements while at the same time fulfilling high, aesthetic expectations. In the “Multifunctional Module (MFM)”, various OKALUX products can be combined and modulated. Each insert is put into action where it is the most effective. OKALUX HPI, for example, a highly heat insulating, opaque high-performance insulating glass module, in the parapet area in combination with OKASOLAR in the skylight area to ensure an optimal direction of daylight into the interior – without the use of  separating transom, in one single element.

A novelty at OKALUX functional glass with LED is the position of the light sources. The LEDs are not fixed in the insulating glass but are integrated, for example, in the frame system where they are easily accessible after the window has been assembled. This enables easy replacement. The LEDs transfer their light over the glass edge into the laminated pane. Thanks to a newly developed printing color in the laminate, graphic patterns as well as entire areas can be illuminated evenly.

Our new product OKASTONE incorporates marble, quartz, granite & Co. in the insulating glass. Extremely thin stone veneers  between 0.6 and 3.0 mm – laminated on or between glass – open up new possibilities of design with color, structure and atmosphere. The glass protects the high-quality stone inserts from climatic influences.

And, in line with the optimal use of daylight, OKALUX is presenting another new development of the OKASOLAR product family at the BAU: with OKASOLAR 3D sun protection grid, the company is proud to offer an optimized version for use in roofs.

Visit us at the BAU 2017 in Munich, in Hall C2, Stand 311

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