Innovation from Olsen Doors & Windows

Olsen Doors & Windows have been working with their overseas factories to produce the latest technology available to the market – lift and slide corner doors. Already an established product from Olsen as an all aluminium sliding system supplied from the renowned brand, Sunflex, Olsen have now developed and can offer the system in an all timber, lift and slide version, utilising the high performing Thermo HS product range.

This new system can open up entire corners of buildings and offers a superb opening space, with each sliding panel reaching up to 3 meters in width and with the corner post built into the secondary sliding panel, this innovative system allows for the most impressive door arrangement currently on the market.

As well as this corner door arrangement, Olsen have also been able to develop and launch a “Panorama” door using the same product, the Thermo HS. The panorama door offers a triple track system in which two panels slide behind a third fixed panel at one end. This allows for an opening of up to 6 meters wide with individual panels being able to reach up to 3 meters each. Not only is this panorama door available in the all timber Thermo HS system, but it is also available with aluminium cladding externally from the Thermo HS Alu system.

With uninterrupted sight lines and 3 meter wide panels, the Thermo HS system allows for views to be optimised all year round, even with the doors closed by utilising the vast area covered by the glass panels.


By using Argon gas filled cavities as standard in the glazing units themselves, U-values start from 0.98W/m2K for the triple glazed system and 1.25W/m2K for the double glazed. As well as the thermal performance of the products being exceptionally good, acoustically the system offers Rw values from as high as 41dB.

Using the Thermo HS system, these innovative systems offer a choice of track detail; a standard, weathered track with a 15mm up stand or a lowered track with a 5mm step detail which is perfect for a near flush detail, giving seamless access to inside and out.

With matching window profiles from the Style 68 and Elite 92 product range, which are double and triple glazed respectively, Olsen provide a comprehensive range of products for any project.


Currently in development is the combination of these new systems, a corner panorama lift and slide door, so watch this space!

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