It is widely accepted that up to 90% of dirt and moisture in buildings can be tracked in by pedestrians and wheeled traffic such as pushchairs and wheelchairs, and that cleaning and maintenance costs can be high if inadequate protection mattings are not in place.

Jaymart’s “Ingenius” Heavy Duty Polypropylene rubber backed entrance matting represents excellent value for money and offers not only good looks but also brushing, scraping, absorbency and drying powers for removing dirt, grit, snow, moisture, sand etc. from footwear, even when used externally. “Ingenius” is recommended for installation in many applications including shops, department stores, supermarkets, banks, schools, universities, hospitals, leisure centres, etc. wherever maximum cleanliness, attractive appearance and reduced maintenance and refurbishment costs are considered essential.

Unlike coir mattings, Jaymart’s “Ingenius” is colour-fast and an ideal choice for hard-working entrance areas, such as the Toyota showroom featured.  “Ingenius” is supplied in rolls size 20m x 2m wide x 10mm or 15mm gauges in a choice of Tan, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Slate, Brown and Yellow (10mm) and Tan, Black and Slate (15mm). “Ingenius” can also be incorporated into aluminium channel sections for prestigious entrances and inset logo mats to strengthen corporate identity.

Jaymart also offer a large range of secondary barrier mattings to further effectively remove dirt, dust and moisture from entering the building.

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