Independent test shows Filcoten® leads market for installed strength

Independent testing has revealed that Filcoten® grated channel drainage system from Gatic Civil Drainage provides market-leading levels of installed strength and stability. Filcoten is manufactured from the breakthrough High Performance Concrete. In comparison with other commonly used material options for grated systems, Filcoten’s bond to an identical concrete surround is five times stronger, significantly improving the installed channel’s resilience to traffic loading, ground movement and thermal cycling.

“From our own in-house testing, we understood that Filcoten has many advantages - not least in how it’s handled and how it performs once installed,” says Simon Bradbeer, R&D Director at Gatic Civil Drainage. “These independent results have not only substantiated our findings but also furthered our understanding of this breakthrough material which delivers significant cost and performance benefits to specifiers, installers and stockists.”

Typically, grated channel systems are used in shallow invert environments where the surface area exposed to the bedding concrete is relatively low. As a result, the installed performance is greatly influenced by the level of adhesion between the channel wall and the surrounding concrete. This can be improved by physically profiling the channel with cut-outs and faceting, but it is the strength of the chemical bond that is the principle characteristic in determining durability and longevity.

The tests also indicated that there was virtually no difference in performance if Filcoten was installed in wet or dry conditions. “For specifiers and contractors, the fact that weather conditions don’t impact on the stability of the finished run adds a further level of confidence in the product,” says Simon.

Seventy percent lighter than conventional concrete; stronger, more durable and more environmentally friendly than resin and fibre reinforced concretes, Filcoten’s unique benefits have allowed engineers to exploit the full potential of High Performance Concrete across all load class drainage applications.

Due to its composition - a carefully controlled combination of clean mineral and fibre - and the close control of the curing process it achieves a compressive strength of 80-90 N/mm2 without having to revert to the use of chemical stabilisers, additives or releasing agents. Filcoten also achieves flexural strength approximately double that of conventional high quality concrete. This compressive-flexural strength combination sets Filcoten apart from traditional channel drainage products.

Filcoten is 100% recyclable: no plastic resins, hardening agents, solvents or releasing agents used in any manufacturing process. In addition to its chemical-free manufacture, Filcoten is the only 100% recyclable drainage channel to be entirely made using renewable energy.

All Filcoten channels are comprehensively tested and fully comply with all relevant British Standards. They are CE marked and meet the requirements of Energy Management BS EN ISO 50001:2011.

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