In the heart of Apple’s headquarters, a dazzling glass theatre is revealed

Nearly all of Apple’s products are made up of glass- from iPhone screens to Mac computers. Using the versatile material to construct their clean-cut designs, all of Apple’s company buildings (including their shops and headquarters) utilize glass in an effort to extend their sleek, recognizable brand identity.

Continuing this theme, in the heart of Cupertino, California, (home of the Apple Park- the company’s headquarters), stands a circular building constructed out of metal and glass- the Steve Jobs Theater.

On first glance, the structure appears to be concealed by foliage, but from the right vantage the sphericity of the building resembles something from science fiction and the prevalent use of glass gives the building a sleek and polished aesthetic whilst allowing natural light to flood the interior.

Finalised this September, at a cost of $5 billion, the theatre has been designed by architectural company, Foster + Partners as an event space. Consisting mostly of glass, the building has a glass ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, allowing those inside a view of Apple Park and the enchanting green space the theater resides within.

Upon entering the space, visitors will encounter a circular entrance spiraling staircase also constructed of glass. The transparent glass lift, however, is the star of the show; designed, so the individual within is always facing the direction they need to exit, regardless of the direction upon which they entered.

Additionally, the large common area inside the theatre is encircled in glass above ground level while the auditorium (where Apple showcases their new products) is situated below ground and constructed with wood. Hidden behind a revolving wall is a space dedicated to secret product drops. Overall, the architecture of the theatre reflects Apple’s values for innovative technology and the profound use of glass evokes an otherworldly quality, providing a suitable environment for exhibiting Apple’s latest innovations.

Images: Lance Unlancoff 

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