Impossible ….. Not for Twintec

It was considered by some that to achieve the FM1 tolerance as specified in TR 34, using large-pour techniques without any remedial grinding would be impossible. However, specialised sub-contractor Twintec has long been recognised as an expert in such techniques and once again are leading the flooring industry by example.

Twintec designed and installed a jointless, steel-fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) ground supported floor slab for Innovate Logistics at Seaham, Co Durham. The finished floor slab is virtually fibre-free and the survey results for flatness are outstanding.

The specification required a floor slab suitable for use in a heavily trafficked and heavily loaded distribution centre. A standard pallet racking configuration was to be installed with individual racking leg loads of 80kN (200mm back-to-back spacing) and a blanket uniformly distributed load (UDL) of 50kN/m² applied.

Twintec produced a 160mm-thick, ground-bearing, jointless, SFRC floor slab, using C28/35 concrete reinforced with 40kg/m3 of AFT 1/50 undulated steel wire fibres.

Twintec also constructed the 4500m² of external paving and hardstanding using the same jointless, SFRC technology, with a few amendments to suit its external application.

Twintec produced both the internal floor slab and external yard in just nine casting days over a two-week period.

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