Imperial War Museum, London

Spacetherm Blanket was recently utilised within the Imperial War Museum, London.

The A. Proctor Group of Blairgowrie supplied 20mm of their thin, highly efficient thermal insulation for installation on a barrel vault ceiling within the Musuem which opened at the Lambeth Road site in 1936. The Museum records the story of The Great War and has many valuable and irreplaceable artifacts.

Spacetherm is a composite of fibrous matting and aerogels, the newest and most thermally efficient of all insulants. It has a thermal conductivity of only 0.013W/mk which enables high thermal performance, whilst also producing an extremely thin, flexible blanket.

The Barrel Vault area of the museum had been previously insulated, achieving a u-value of 0.26W/m2K. However this was giving problems of overheating in the summer, whilst being very cold during the winter months. There was also an additional problem of cold bridging due to a horizontal steel plate.

Architects, CPMG, requested a product which would improve this u-value to below 0.2W/m2K whilst not reducing the floor to ceiling height.

After consulting with the A. Proctor Group, 20mm Spacetherm Blanket was specified and installed on the underside of the ceiling, by Gerram Faulkus Construction. The achieved u-value of 0.18W/m2K was an improvement over the minimum specification whilst barely reduced the floor to ceiling height.

Spacetherm is available from the A. Proctor Group, in various panel types, dependent on the construction and preferred method of fixing. A dedicated Technical team is available to advise on u-values, recommended boards and applications.

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