Imperfect CGI World: Computer-generated imagery by Pikcells

Much of the imagery used to sell in newbuilds, interior design and related products and services, is not there: it’s a fiction, a promise of what might be. It looks like stunning photography but is constructed in CGI. Many companies, such as IKEA, replaced photography for the benefits of control, cost and time-to-market of photorealistic CGI. A key aspect of this work is to add in the sophisticated imperfects of everyday life while still making the subject look desirable. Pikcells is one studio at the forefront of the developments, based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Co-founder and creative director Richard Benson says: ‘Everything has to have chaos to remove the perfection, and there needs to be balance in the design and placement of objects. People are really good at spotting perfection so it is important to make sure each object conforms to its real -life counterpart…’ Software: Autodesk

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