Immerse yourself in GEZE UK’s MediaPool

An international architectural image database has been launched by GEZE UK that makes browsing, editing and downloading high quality images simple and quick.


GEZE’s MediaPool is a unique online resource for approved customers and clients, which uses a powerful keyword search engine to pinpoint relevant photography from thousands of projects across the world.


Featuring an optimised user interface, the site has been developed to be intuitive to use and as functional as possible. Images are searchable by application, country of origin, or even by architect, as well as by product name or category. Comprehensive notes and explanations accompany each photo making this a valuable resource.


The useful clipboard feature allows architects and specifiers to select images of different window and door control systems to compare them side by side, or to see how identical products can be used to achieve very different effects when they are actually in situ, depending on the detailed specification. The integrated editing tool allows registered users to zoom in on areas of interest within individual photos, or rotate or crop images before downloading them to be included in presentations, plans or specifications.


“The new MediaPool puts our vast collection of imagery directly into the hands of our valued customers,” said GEZE UK’s managing director Andrew Hall. “Accessing good photography can be a time-consuming and frustrating process when you’re researching a project or creating a presentation. It’s now possible to search an international database of inspirational images, edit your favourites and download high resolution files immediately, which is going to make everyone’s lives a lot easier.”

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