IG Elements Launch Innovative Onsite App

IG Elements have announced the launch of our new Installation App, designed to provide key information on-the-go for site agents and installer teams.

Content within the App is tailored to meet customer requirements with the inclusion of PDF installation guides, step-by-step installation videos and extensive product range information. Additionally, the IG Elements App is live and web-based, meaning there will never be a need for it to be updated or reinstalled.

Liam Kelly, IG Elements Managing Director commented: “In the past few years we have enjoyed significant growth in traffic to our website with a notable percentage of traffic from mobile and tablet devices. With the nature of our customer base, we recognised the difficulty in accessing a desktop computer while working with our products. With our rebrand and subsequent launch of our new website, we felt it was a natural step to develop an App that provides improved access to installation information for our customers.”

The app is available for download from our website via mobile or tablet at igelements.com

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