IG Elements Joins Composites UK

IG Elements are proud to announce our membership with Composites UK. Composites UK is the trade association for the UK composites industry, acting to encourage continuous growth and development of the industry, promoting the best practice use of composites materials and creating a unified voice to drive the industry forward, benefiting all of those involved.

Liam Kelly, IG Elements Managing Director, commented; “Composites UK is fantastic foundation for learning about best practice and changes moving forward in the industry. IG Elements are proud to be a grp composites manufacturer and it is vital that there is a hub that we can feel confident of in the sector. We aim to grow and participate in the increasingly competitive world of global composite production and strongly believe that Composites UK will aid us in achieving this.”

Composites UK represents the industry on the Composites Leadership Forum, feeding directly into the UK Composites Strategy, influencing Government to support composites and ensure growth and industrial success for the UK.

For more information please visit igelements.com 

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