If only I’d known... If only I’d thought..... If only I’d used...

If only people had known about the dangers of using dustsheets, if only they had thought about suitable protection for their surfaces, if only they had used Packexe protection film....

Every day people use these phrases as they have suffered from slip and trip accidents or damaged surfaces......people who wish they had known about Packexe...

Slip hazards, environmentally friendly products and professional finishes – ALL real issues that need to be addressed when deciding on floor and surface protection.

It’s time to move on from the dustsheet....

The Issue

For four years, Packexe researched and developed a suitable, safe solution for floor and surface protection during building and renovation work.

‘28605 major injuries were reported in 2005/06. Over one third were caused by slipping and tripping’ (source: UK HSE Statistics 2006).

Slips and trips continue to be a growing concern and with loose plastic sheeting and dust sheets causing major hazards, these contribute to dangerous working conditions, rising insurance claims and customer dissatisfaction.

The dustsheet is bulky, takes time to lay out properly, rucks up and creates slip hazards, scatters dust and debris and, unless you pay for one with a tight weave, can leak spillages on to the surface underneath. Yet people keep on using them because alternatives also have their drawbacks. Plastic and paper are difficult to keep in place and become slippery. More upmarket carpet-style products work well although are expensive and cumbersome.

The Solution

The Packexe concept – a portfolio of self-adhesive protection film products, colour coded for instant recognition, signifying the strength of adhesive and suitability for specific floors and surfaces

CARPET - strong adhesive for use on carpets and rugs
HARDFLOOR - medium strength adhesive for use on wood, laminate, tile, stone, ceramic and vinyl
MULTI-SURFACE - light adhesive for use on windows (glass, metal, pvc) and worktops
DISPENSER - easy to use application tool for Packexe protection film
Time saving, easy to apply, low slip and waterproof, surfaces are protected against damage from spillages, debris and foot traffic. Easy removal after use, leaving no sticky residue, a professional finish is achieved in every situation. The film is fully recyclable and has attained a fire standard making it the leading product in the market.

To compliment the well established Packexe Self-Adhesive Film portfolio, the Packexe Dispenser is a unique new product specifically designed to make the application of protection film quicker and easier. Special consideration was taken when designing the dispenser to ensure that it was strong and durable yet lightweight and compact. Ergonomically suited to any user, the adjustable handle assists in combating back problems that could result from bending over to lay down loose polythene sheets or dust sheets.

Film is applied to the surface at an exceptional speed, as the unique tri-roller mechanism lays the film smoothly in one easy movement to maximise the adhesive grip. When applying to floors, the user pushes the dispenser forwards walking directly on the laid film therefore avoiding having to walk on the clean floor they are protecting.

The Packexe Dispenser is unique in the market, saves time, effort, money and coupled with Packexe Protection Film, is the ultimate temporary solution for floor and surface protection.

Safe, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly products, Packexe prides itself on providing the ultimate solution - protecting the user, the workplace, the surface and the industry

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