If it doesn't say Technistone on the box, then it won't be technistone in the box

Are you sure the Technistone tiles you are specifying or using are really from Technistone? Haddonstone is aware that there are companies who are claiming to sell Technistone tiles for interiors, but if it doesn’t say Technistone on the box then it won’t be Technistone in the box. It will be an inferior product which has not been manufactured to the same high specification.

Haddonstone, the UK’s leading manufacturer of cast stone for interiors and exteriors, is the sole UK distributor of Technistone tiles which are supplied and distributed in branded boxes. Technistone from Haddonstone is being exhibited at the Surface Design Show alongside examples of Haddonstone paving, flooring and steps.

Principally for use in hotels, offices, airports and prestige private residences, Technistone has a unique composition and manufacturing technology giving it clear advantages over natural materials.

The robust Technistone material is ideal for use in top quality residential, architectural and interior design projects. Available in a variety of colours, applications range from complex mosaic patterns to large scale tiled floors. Each combines smooth surfaces, precise joints and consistent colour.

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