Icynene insulates Jean Cocteau House

The historic home of French surrealist author and poet Jean Cocteau, which is currently owned by the Yves St-Laurent Foundation, has been insulated with Icynene.

The chateau in Milly-la-Foret still houses many wonderful works of art so the general contractor appointed for this remodeling work, Tecmobat IDF, needed to ensure the best possible protection for both the building and its precious contents.

Eric Etienne, President of Tecmobat said, "We decided to use Icynene for insulating this prestigious site as the foam is very light, highly effective and has no effect on the structures of the building. And, as it contains only air, Icynene will not affect the masterpiece paintings and other precious souvenirs that will be permanently housed here.  In addition, Icynene’s air-sealing benefits will also help preserve a stable atmosphere in the attic and in many of the museum rooms."

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