Iconic washrooms for offices and leisure

Taking a bespoke approach to washroom design by tailoring washrooms to suit the individual needs of each client is essential and is where Washroom’s exclusive Iconica Collection really comes into its own.

Office facilities to stand out from the crowd

Washrooms are a vital part of any office development and as one of the key areas on which staff and visitors judge a building, facilities managers and building owners cannot afford to ignore washroom design.

The increase in demand for high specification, bespoke washroom facilities was one of the driving forces behind the development of Washroom’s Iconica Collection, which incorporates unique finishes and unusual materials not traditionally associated with washrooms. Designed to provide specifiers with all the tools needed to create quality, stylish washrooms as well as staff shower and changing facilities to suit the most discerning of clients, the Iconica Collection has been used to great effect on numerous high profile office developments to date. 

By opting to use materials like glass, real wood veneers, anodised aluminium and solid surface Corian, an office washroom can feel more like a high-end leisure facility. Bespoke finishing touches, such as an integrated handbag shelf as part of the vanity unit, or full height floor-to-ceiling cubicle doors, add to the luxury feel.

Washroom’s full height, Alto toilet cubicle doors, which can be manufactured in a range of materials including glass and FENIX NTM, are fully rebated for an attractive virtually seamless façade and provide a greater level of privacy for end-users, making them a popular choice for commercial washrooms.

Utilising the same or similar materials as the building’s common areas such as real wood veneers with matching woodgrains and back-painted glass is becoming increasingly popular. Self-contained unisex ‘superloos’ which include a WC, vanity unit and hand drying facilities, all enclosed behind a standard, full height door are an ideal way to maximise available space while still reflecting the building’s style.

Staff shower and changing facilities, which would once have been seen as a luxury, are fast becoming a standard feature of offices. Washroom’s extensive range of cubicles and lockers, including its flush front glass ilockers which can be back-painted in an array of different colours to match any design, offers a wealth of choice.

At your leisure

When it comes to private leisure facilities which demand luxury high-end finishes, the Iconica Collection is the perfect solution.  

Washroom recently created a unique changing area at a luxury central London health club using a range of materials including copper, Ted Todd end grain feature wood panels and Zodiaq stone to deliver the boutique hotel style requested by the client.

With no need to compromise on safety and durability, toughened glass makes an ideal choice for both toilet and shower cubicles. Washroom’s full height Luminoso glass shower cubicles are manufactured from 10mm low iron glass for an extra clear finish without the standard green tint traditionally associated with glass. On this project the glass cubicles also feature a bespoke diamond pattern design screenprinted to the reverse of each panel.

Washroom’s popular Luminoso cubicles are also available in cast acrylic as a great lightweight alternative to glass. Its highly durable surface offers resistance to scratches and cleaning solvents so it will easily withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of a busy leisure facility.

Utilising the latest materials, products and finishes is the ideal way to create washrooms and changing areas that not only look exceptional but also save facilities managers time, energy and money, whether that’s an office or leisure facility. 

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