Hydropath Exhibits ClearWELL™ at Aquatech 2008

Hydropath will be exhibiting its latest custom designed ClearWELL water conditioning unit on stand 07.614 at this year’s Aquatech in Amsterdam. Following a successful 18-month trial across 13 companies and 30 sites, costing over $1million, Weatherford International Ltd. now own exclusive license to use ClearWELL technology in the oil industry. The product keeps scale and paraffin in suspension rather than allowing it to adhere to pipes. Particular advantages for oil wells are that the ClearWELL technology can be installed at the surface, on the wellhead and not downhole, there is no pipe incision involved and it requires only 35 watts of energy – which can be gained from solar energy. “It’s the ultimate green technology…” says Larry Rzeznik, ClearWELL Business Manager “…but the best endorsement is that nothing else on the market works like it; many sites had trialed magnetic and electromagnetic treatments, but none were as effective. Hydropath technology reduces or eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals or pigging runs, hot oiling and cutting, stops flowline plugging and reduce well workovers. Two wells in Louisiana have saved more than $350,000 each per annum thanks to the positive effect of the ClearWELL device.”

Dr Daniel Stefanini, inventor of the technology and Technical Director of Hydropath Holdings comments, “This latest application which could be worth billions of dollars to the oil industry is further proof of the efficiency of the technology, its green credentials and the huge savings that can be made. The patented technology is used across the globe to combat limescale, bacteria and algae. Hydropath provide chemical free, cost efficient solutions in domestic and commercial environments including leisure, agriculture and power generation industries, to name a few.”

Hydropath technology is unique to any other kind of water treatment product as it treats the whole system without the use of chemicals. It works by sending constant random electric fields through the water. This enhances the precipitation of the bicarbonates from solution to suspension by forming clusters of charged ions and forms stable crystal nuclei.

In the case of oil wells – the ClearWELL device is a unique approach to treating scale and paraffin formation. The ClearWELL technology moves ions (such as calcium and carbonate) together that become nucleation sites for suspended crystallisation. When ions precipitate, they do so as homogenous crystals in solution rather than as heterogeneous crystals on the walls of the pipe. Because homogenous crystals are preferred nucleation sites, any additional precipitation also takes place in solution, simply making the crystals a little larger as they are carried up and out of the well.

ClearWELL technology provides both prevention and cure by dissolving existing scale and preventing new scale from forming.

The ClearWELL unit is also suitable for long distance downstream petroleum distribution as the electric fields are strong enough to be transmitted for several kilometres underground. The unit is adaptable for a range of pipe sizes, does not require incision to install and is certified Zone 1, Class 1 Atex compliant.

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