Laboratory tests have proven that Hydropanel high performance fibre cement building board from Marley Eternit is up to eight times more impact resistant than gypsum board.

The assessments compared 9mm and 12mm Hydropanel with 12.5mm gypsum board over six different impact tests.

The static bending/exentric load tests confirmed that non-load bearing walls faced with Hydropanel could easily satisfy the conditions specified for paper-faced plasterboard in DIN 18183 as well as outperforming gypsum board by up to three times - 4.70mm deflection compared to 15.21mm.

The soft body impact tests showed the two Hydropanel and the gypsum panels to be equal using both three and four supports. However, there were marked differences when it came to safety in use and satisfying the EOTA criteria of no collapse, no penetration and no projection. With three supports, 9mm Hydropanel and 12.5mm gypsum board performed equally to 100Nm while 12mm Hydropanel excelled at 400Nm.

With four supports, gypsum board again performed to 100Nm while 9mm Hydropanel rose to 400Nm and 12mm Hydropanel to 500Nm, enabling the two Hydropanel boards to qualify for use in zones at high risk of impact.

In the hard body tests, there was no penetration on any panel and deflection varied between 1mm on the 9mm and 12mm Hydropanel and 2-3mm on the gypsum board. The 12mm Hydropanel showed no cracks or defects, with only one crack on the 9mm Hydropanel yet the gypsum board showed cracks on all 15 sites.

During the fixings test Hydropanel outperformed the gypsum board by up to eight times.

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