Hybrid Solid Wall Solutions With Knauf Insulation’s Thermoshell®

Perfectly complementing its ThermoShell Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) system, the recently launched ThermoShell External Wall Insulation (EWI) system from Knauf Insulation enables the manufacturer to offer a complete range of methods for upgrading solid masonry walls. Whether EWI, IWI or a hybrid system comprising both methods, for every solid wall there is now a solution.

To upgrade the thermal efficiency of a solid wall requires an insulation layer to be installed on either the internal or outer surface of the wall, and both techniques are efficient and appropriate in the right circumstances. However, for true flexibility, a combination of IWI and EWI systems maximises the benefits they offer and gives the specifier far greater freedom to choose the right application for the particular building.

For example, in properties where it is not appropriate to alter a building’s façade, such as in a conservation area, IWI can be used to efficiently insulate the street-facing wall without changing the building’s appearance. It delivers high levels of thermal performance cost effectively and the simplicity of the system allows a competent tradesman to install and finish using a traditional plaster skim finish or dry lining techniques. The flexibility of the system gives the installer the opportunity to install on a room-by-room basis, or as part of a whole building refurbishment plan.

Often, the same limitations do not apply to the rear of the property, so EWI can provide an effective solution for the rear elevations, without further disruption to the building’s occupants.

The ability to install the system without disturbing residents, coupled with its cost effective price point, makes ThermoShell EWI ideal for small and large residential properties, flats and commercial buildings; especially where installing internal wall insulation is not an option. The system has been designed for the lifetime of the property, protecting the existing façade from the effects of weathering and extending the longevity of the building. Installing the ThermoShell system also provides the opportunity to enhance and upgrade the appearance of existing properties. The flexibility of Knauf Insulation’s EWI system means it can be installed over a variety of existing substrates from brick and stonework, to concrete and blockwork.

Steve Smith, residential market manager at Knauf Insulation explains: “There are approximately seven million solid wall construction dwellings in the UK. In order for the Government to reach it’s Kyoto obligations in carbon reduction then all of these dwellings will require thermally upgrading by 2050. Both Knauf Insulation’s ThermoShell EWI and IWI systems give developers and installers alike greater choice and flexibility in specifying the right solution for improving thermal efficiencies, to suit the particular project requirements.”

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