Hybrid Restructure

Hybrid from Senior's, an aluminium timber composite fenestration system, continues to evolve as one of the most popular choices for specifiers. Designed and stocked across the UK - availability is not an issue and fabricators are free to cut lead times to a bare minimum.

In order to distinguish the various Hybrid styles now available, Senior's have decided to restructure the system. From immediate effect the systems are now broken down into three main series:

Hybrid Series 1 - Windows and doors in a traditional frame design.
Hybrid Series 2 - Windows in a slim sight line design for commercial projects
Hybrid Series 3 - Curtain wall systems

Hybrid Series 2 is a recent addition to the Hybrid range. It is distinctly different to traditional UK timber windows and has a more commercial application in the UK. Hybrid Series 2 offers open out windows and fixed lights which carry the same sight lines and be incorporated in extensive areas of glazing.

For the specifier, the availability of a wide range of frame options that ensures any project can be specified with Hybrid.

For further information about the Senior's Hybrid Series is available on the companies website at www.seniorarchitectural.co.uk or by phoning Seniors Head Office in Doncaster on 01709 772600.

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