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The latest innovation from Unico Climate Control, designed to maximise energy efficiency in the home or office and distribute it to various water systems, is the UniHub, a cost-effective addition to any house or small commercial building. Designed to take source and supply tubing from up to five different systems, UniHub employs advanced liquid swirling techniques to achieve maximum exchange of heat energy.

Increasing use of sustainable energy solutions means that many buildings have three or more plumbing systems, including supply water, solar collection, domestic water heating, central heating, heat pumps or underfloor heating. With UniHub, the energy from each system can be distributed via the central unit, saving energy and money and reducing energy bills.

UniHub is ruggedly constructed from copper, for the most efficient exchange of heat energy. Water in each circuit, on entry to the UniHub cylinder, is swirled so that more of the mass makes contact with the copper surface, giving up or taking in energy via simple temperature difference between one circuit and another. The unit is specifically designed for the high flow rates needed for heat pumps, offering greater efficiency for low grade heat, thus preventing cycling of systems. This means that heat pumps run for longer making for long life and increasing efficiency.

The UniHub also acts as an energy and water store, replacing the need for, and cost of, a separate hot water tank. What is more, the cylinder fits into the same physical space as a domestic electric boiler so no additional space is taken up.

The UniHub is the latest in a full range of sustainable energy solutions from Unico, designed to make the most of the energy available in any home or business and enhance the energy characteristics of the Unico System heating and cooling system. The Unico System delivers advanced central heating and cooling via draught-free, small-duct outlets and is a favourite with those looking for a more sustainable energy system.

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