Howarth says 'You're Hired!' to two new Apprentices

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies has reaffirmed its commitment to investing in tomorrow’s workforce by employing two new apprentices at its Thorne branch.


The application process saw Howarth Timber interview over 60 candidates before Natalie Rasberry and Alex Hibbard, both 20, were selected for the two available roles.


Howarth Timber has a long history of taking on apprentices and supporting the next generation, with this most recent set of appointments forming part of a broader strategy intended to create a workforce trained the ‘Howarth way’.


Natalie and Alex will have access to one-on-one tutorage as well as being able to take online courses as part of Howarth Timber’s apprentice academy. Initially working predominantly in the yard and sales desk of the Thorne Branch, the pair will be given the opportunity to progress within the company.


The talented duo will also be trained in a range of skills including how to use a forklift, woodwork machinery and customer service. The apprenticeships will last for around two years and will see the two youngsters graduate with a NVQ Level 2 Qualification.


John Brandon, Manager of Howarth Timber’s Thorne branch, said: “Howarth has always realised the importance of investing in the future of the company and we very much believe in the importance of having a strong youth policy. By getting apprentices in young we develop people to meet the needs of the role, rather than having to retrain. Taking on apprentices gives us the opportunity to teach good working practices from day one – bad habits never have time to develop!


“Both Alex and Natalie have proven to be very committed and hardworking since joining the team and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve had brilliant feedback from our customers and they’re both usually in well before starting time and full of ideas – it’s great to see our investment in the future paying off right before our eyes!”


Natalie Rasberry adds: “Before getting this position I’d been selling farm equipment and doing a little bit of welding so this has all been right up my street! I think I’m a really determined person and if anything I wish I could be given more responsibility sooner. I’m really looking forward to progressing my career with Howarth Timber and I’d recommend anyone else my age to look into similar apprenticeship schemes.”


For more information about Howarth Timber’s apprenticeship schemes please visit or call 01254 699696.

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