How to tackle the issues of ‘Condensation Season’ in social housing

Mould is often an issue faced in the social housing sector. Poor heating or air movement can allow mould to develop, particularly in void properties over winter.

The issue is further exacerbated as we come up to the time of year where the ‘condensation season’ sets in, characterised by steamy windows and dampness on walls.

If a client reports problems with mould in their property, Crown Paints Specification Services can offer a solution to help manage the issue, with the application of Crown Trade Steracryl Mould Inhibiting Paint.

Available in Matt and Eggshell finishes, this durable product contains an effective fungicide, specially developed to maintain decorated surfaces by inhibiting the development of mould growth on the paint film.

Debbie Orr, Crown Paints’ Trade Marketing Manager, said: “As the condensation season starts to set in, usually in October and November, properties can be affected by additional water around windows and walls as temperatures start to drop.

This combination of lower temperatures - particularly in areas where the efficiency of glazing, insulation and ventilation needs to be taken into consideration - can lead to water droplets forming on surfaces.

“Over time, these wet areas can provide a perfect breeding ground which allow mould spores to form.

“Crown Trade Steracryl Mould Inhibiting Paint has undergone stringent fungal tests carried out to the British Standard BS3900:G6.

“The acrylic eggshell system is also washable, making it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms where condensation can be more commonplace, so its ideal to help tackle the issue.”

As well as the mould inhibiting formulation, Crown Trade’s range of Steracryl coatings include an anti-bacterial product, ideal for communal bathrooms and kitchen areas where hygiene is paramount.

Crown Trade’s video, ‘The Right Paint For The Job,’ includes an insight into the trusted technology behind both the Crown Trade Steracryl Antibacterial and Mould Inhibiting paints, along with other performance systems in the range, such as the premium high technology coating Crown Trade Clean Extreme.    


Debbie Orr added: “These tailored Crown Trade products lead the way for specifiers looking to introduce high-quality solutions for their projects.

“Our Specification Services team is on hand to help maintenance teams select the right products, improve the maintenance cycles and enhance the aesthetics in the environments in which they are applied.”

For more details please contact the Crown Paints’ Specification Team by calling 0330 0240310, email or visit the website at

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