Hot water means hot business with the easy to install range of instantaneous water heaters from Dimplex that provide commercial premises with high flow rates and economical running costs.

As part of a comprehensive water heating range, the DE range is ideal for hairdressers, restaurants and offices, in fact anywhere that demands fast, high volume hot water. There are six models in the range, each designed for easy and flexible installation.

Adjustable plumbing and bracket fixings mean the units can be easily placed in the most convenient location, and thanks to the unique Clickfix fitting, the back plate can be fitted to the wall with the contents and cover fitted afterwards.

The range has a high design specification for long life with stainless steel elements for scale resistance and hygiene, and flow rates from 6.8-13 litres per minute, drawing water directly from the mains supply.

As the water is heated instantly, the units are compact and keep energy bills low as there’s no demand for energy when the units are idle. Although compact, DEH models are still capable of providing water at temperatures between 38 and 60 degrees Celsius (at supply temperatures of 12 degrees C), for unlimited supplies at the turn of a tap.

The flexibility of the design means that the water can be piped from the unit to sinks or other outlets, such as washrooms where a basin mixing tap is fitted, or an office kitchen.

Variable depth screws also allow mounting onto uneven surfaces. To deliver the high flow rates, the DEE/DEH units need be installed where a three phase 415V supply is available, with connection via an all-pole isolation switch.

The compact and stylish design enables the units to be easily located where required. Dimensions are 472mm high, 236mm wide and with a depth of just 151mm.

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