Hot news from Redring - Hotbox - the fully independent electric boiler

Redring is launching the unique and compact Hotbox electric boiler for economical heating in any site where space is limited or gas is unavailable.

The unique Redring Hotbox drives a sealed wet system in any domestic or light commercial site and can deliver 60°C+ up to eight radiators with an outside temperature of 0°C. Hotbox is designed specifically for use in small, pressurised, sealed system installations with a simple plug and play installation, making it a viable alternative to gas for smaller applications or where silent operation is important.

Hotbox is perfect for small flats, student accommodation, small offices, holiday homes, house extensions and conservatories, caravans and even boats. Perhaps its greatest asset is its simplicity; simple to install and for end-users, possibly one of the simplest to use heating appliances available on the market today.

It meets or exceeds the Building Regulations for conventional wet systems using halogen technology and is easily installed - no soldering is required and by using push fit pipes and a standard plug – it provides a steady flow of heating.

A series of Halogen infrared elements heat the water efficiently and cleanly. Located within specially designed copper housings, each element is fitted directly onto the copper heat exchanger. The exchanger links six or ten advanced Halogen elements, depending on the model of boiler used. As water circulates through the system the high efficiency elements instantly reach operating temperature and induce heat transfer through the copper heat exchanger.

The major features also include: No heat loss through the flue (no need for one) so all energy used is converted into heat; no obligation for annual maintenance checks; almost silent operation when used on sealed system; can be connected to any type or make of wet radiator; no noxious gases are emitted; easily exchangeable Halogen elements keep maintenance cost low.

The Hotbox Halogen boiler incorporates all the components required for sealed systems: pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, expansion vessel, circulating pump, manual reset overheat thermostat and manual air vent. Two controls are pre-fitted, one to manage water flow temperature whilst the other is a simple as possible on/off switch; much appreciated by end-users. A 2m long electrical flex with integral plug enables the appliance to be connected into a standard 13A ring main socket, ensuring no problems with Part P of the building regulations.

Due to the simplicity of the Hotbox, installation and commissioning costs are kept to a minimum and energy consumption is in direct relation to demand.

The boiler can be installed directly into the area which requires heating and as there are no odours or fumes there is no need for a flue. The Hotbox power requirement of 7.7 amps is less than that used to boil a kettle, and the Halogen elements used in the unit last up to 2000 hours, whilst the integral programmer delivers 24/7 control.

With more than 40 years experience in researching and developing electrical heating and hot water solutions Applied Energy is able to offer new and existing customers help in specifying Redring technology into buildings and live projects whether off-plan, new-build or refurbishments.

For more information on Redring products and the Applied Energy design service please telephone 08709 000540, alternatively visit

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