A Chichester hospital has benefited from the installation of acoustic ceilings from Ecophon with a number of products specified in separate areas. St Richards Hospital chose Ecophon's acoustic tiles to reduce noise reverberation times and enhance the working and patient care conditions within its Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.

The kitchen and catering room ceilings specified by Miller Hughes Associates were fitted with Hygiene Protec tiles, chosen for their cleanability properties. The tiles feature excellent sound absorption whilst allowing washing without moisture retention.

Ceilings fitted to the treatment rooms, specified by Nightingale Associates, were from the Gedina E range and corridors feature Ecophon's Advantage E tiles, a high value, high performance option.

The restaurants were fitted with S Line and Focus E products. A special effect has been created with the use of S line tiles, allowing a dramatic yet smooth transition between levels and producing a lowered edge over the serving area. Focus E XL tiles form an attractive suspended ceiling with a recessed visible grid and tegular edge, giving a shadow effect and providing easy removal. The Akutex T coating provides excellent cleanability and prevents dust from sticking to the tiles.

Gareth Ball, Contracts Manager for AT Jones, comments, "The range available from Ecophon ensured that the most suitable tile was available for all the different areas, each with its own characteristics and requirements. With Ecophon's reputation for supplying tested and certified tiles, we knew that the result would be as expected and St Richards staff have not been disappointed."

Although the areas specified for acoustic ceilings are part of the new section at the hospital, there was crossover with working areas accessed by staff and members of the public. However, the ceilings were fitted with the minimum of fuss and without disruption to the running of the hospital.

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