Horses breathe easy in bed

Horses can breathe more easily…thanks to an innovative new brand of animal bedding.

Marshall Wood Shavings, part of the Arnold Laver group, has with its other stores, developed ‘essential wood shavings’ which contain a variety of essential oils that help horses to breathe better and relax. Called Bedscents, the shavings include a mixture of eucalyptus, spearmint, holeaf and lavandin oils.

Eucalyptus and lavandin are also both a natural disinfectant and can help horses that suffer from C.O.P.D, the equine equivalent of asthma. Holeaf is a relaxing and deodorizing oil while spearmint can act as an insect repellent.

The innovative wood shavings are already on the market – and so far have been a great success.

Richard Spare, Marshall Wood Shavings’ Depot Manager, who helped develop the shavings, said: “This product is aimed at equine enthusiasts who want to really care for their horse. Bedscents are a superior bedding that can make a real difference to a horses breathing and overall well being.

“The shavings are also proving really popular with owners of other animals too as they give their pets such a nice aroma. They really are a product for all creatures great and small!”

The bedding is currently available from Arnold Laver’s stores in Hull, Sheffield, Chesterfield and Bradford or Marshall Shavings in Holme. For more information call 01430 860 337 or email

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