Home safes in demand

Wondering how to take your property security to the next level? As the UK interest rate plummets, an increasing number of property hunters are searching for highly-rated Safes, fitted as standard within the home.  From fire-resistant models to luxurious wardrobe-sized vaults, the demand for state of the art Safes to protect valuables is on the rise. 

As the UK interest rate drops to an all-time-low, the demand for home Safes is on a rapid rise – with £5.9 billion extra cash being stored at home in the past year alone, as quoted in a recent Sky News poll. This same Sky poll found that, if banks began charging a small fee to hold savings, just 29% of people would continue to keep their savings in a bank, while 48% would keep them at home

For the first time since the Financial Crisis, more and more people are choosing to securely store their cash and valuables at home. Since many major banks have withdrawn safe deposit boxes, the UK has seen a surge in the demand for highly-rated safes fitted within the house – including the installation of wardrobe-sized vaults.

For many property hunters, state of the art home security equipment is increasingly sought-after and quickly becoming part of the specification wish list.

Phoenix Safe Company have been designing and manufacturing Police and Insurance (AiS) approved Safes for the commercial and residential sectors since 1986. With industry leading security products, such as the luxury collection and fire resistant models amongst others.

Phoenix Safe can offer customised levels of security and peace of mind, a sure way to add value to any property

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