With UK domestic buildings contributing 30% of national CO² emissions, it comes as no surprise that this is the largest source of the country’s CO² pollution. Xpelair views this environmental issue seriously enough to invest in the research and development of cost-effective energy efficiency products to help reduce energy consumption in UK homes.

The Xcell 150 whole house heat recovery unit is one such product. Designed for smaller dwellings, both new build and retro-fit, it is the smallest unit in the Xpelair Xcell range of whole house mechanical ventilation units with heat recovery system.

It features the latest generation of counterflow heat recovery cells. Dependent on volume setting, the high efficiency heat recovery cell provides up to 92% efficiency, whilst the multispeed double inlet fans offer whisper quiet performance. Speeds would be selected at installation based on the necessary volume/duty of the dwelling in accordance with Building Regulations Part F. A remote fitted low/boost switch is also provided with the unit.

Xcell 150 comes in a slimline insulated steel case featuring sealed access panel. It is suitable for mounting in tight spaces such as recessed fitting in ceilings, coat cupboards or small loft areas.

A vertical version, Xcell 150V, is also available with spigots on top of the unit, making it particularly suitable for installation in kitchen cupboards. This version has a white powder coated outer case.

Not only is the Xcell 150 good for the environment, it reduces user heating costs, helps maintain a fresher home with lower level humidity and is proven to help in providing health benefits for allergy sufferers.

For more information on this and other heat recovery systems in Xpelair’s Xcell series please contact the company direct on 08709 000450, alternatively visit www.applied-energy.com.

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