Homætrix Introduces Simple, Smart Controls To Save Energy And Improve Care In The Home

Cambridge 8th March, 2012 - Homætrix will launch Hestia, its new innovative integrated home control system for residential and small commercial applications at Ecobuild on the 20th March (Stand S1465).

Homætrix plans to revolutionise the way our homes are controlled and managed to reduce energy consumption and bring lifestyle improvements at an affordable price.  The new Hestia home control system is suitable for all types of housing from up-market executive houses and apartments to social housing properties. It offers developers, local authorities and housing associations a highly cost-effective way to meet social inclusion objectives, improve energy efficiency, and address assisted living issues.

“For too long we have lived in houses and apartments which are inadequately controlled,” says Chris Irwin, Director of Sales & Marketing at Homætrix. “Energy is wasted and we don't get to enjoy the benefits of convenience and peace of mind that modern technology can bring us. Part of the problem has been the small and difficult to understand displays that are used on conventional programmers and timeclocks. We have developed displays which are much more intuitive and easy to use, which work via your TV or on a wall-mounted touchscreen”.

Homætrix invite Ecobuild visitors to explore the exciting possibilities of how the home of the future can become a reality for social housing, renovation and new build developments at an affordable price.

“Smart home controls, also known as "home automation," have been around for a long time, but only at a very high price,” adds Chris. “We are making sophisticated yet simple to use controls available for everyone. Paybacks are faster than most other home investments you could make, and with rising energy costs the value just keeps getting better.”

Homætrix believes that home controls should be easy to use, manage your home efficiently, and require little setting-up. The company has made their solution simpler to operate and much more intelligent than conventional heating controllers; it adapts automatically to the homeowners or the tenants needs and the weather. The Homætrix system also integrates lighting, security and other functions, connecting to the internet, so services such as, remote home monitoring can be provided.

Hestia consists of a small but powerful ZoneCell Controller (ZCC) which works in conjunction with a user-friendly touchscreen display or TV set-top box and various modules for the connection of end devices such as thermostats, valve actuators, and occupancy detectors. Even a single ZCC offers many benefits; providing a better way to manage the home heating system than conventional controls, with remote access, if desired. Expanding the system to cover all aspects of the home services offers additional energy savings and many other benefits.

Key System Features

  • Highly flexible low cost platform to enable Smart Services provision to all types of homes
  • Converged solution for heating, lighting, security, care alerts and more
  • Co-ordinates control of multiple heat sources such as heat pumps, solar thermal etc.
  • Sophisticated monitoring to improve energy efficiency, comfort and building performance assessment
  • Remote access via the internet with automatic alerts to reduce maintenance costs and improve care regimes
  • Web based ‘expert’ software to enable easy specification, procurement and installation of smart home systems
  • Open standards based with support for many manufacturers’ products
  • Range of user interface options, including TV set-top box and wall-mounted touchscreen

Key System Benefits 

  • Saves energy, improves comfort and convenience
  • Helps meet social inclusion objectives
  • Excellent ROIs compared to many other carbon reduction options
  • Supports a range of assisted living home care services, and special needs automation requirements
  • Simpler to use than conventional controls, yet with far greater functionality
  • Can integrate with maintenance faults reporting process

The Hestia system components are currently being beta tested and will be available for shipment by May 2012. Pricing is available on request. For additional information, contact Chris Irwin on 07811 200637 or via email on chris.irwin@homaetrix.com.

Homætrix Ltd
Homætrix's vision is to make the benefits of smart homes available to all. The company designs and markets hardware and software to enable the installation of smart home systems in housing of all types, including social housing. Homætrix plans to “democratise the benefits of smart homes” by reducing the installed cost of such systems, which can save energy, improve security management and provide assisted living benefits to the elderly and infirm.

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