Holophane Launch HOLOS

Holophane Europe’s new Optimised Lighting Operating System (HOLOS) allows the user to take advantage of the full potential of the Prismatron electronic HID dimming ballast. HOLOS utilises specialist lighting software for warehouse, retail and sports applications, coupled with high quality sensing and control equipment to deliver maximum energy savings. HOLOS has been designed to consolidate all possible lighting energy saving opportunities and ensure they are maximised for projects of any size, from simple presence detection to a full building control and monitoring system.

Holophane’s Prismatron is a dimmable electronic ballast for use with 400W and 320W metal halide HID lamps. By reducing power consumption, Prismatron will dim luminaires down to 25% - 40% of initial lumens depending on lamp type, whilst providing energy savings of up to 50%. Each unit controls two high bay fittings, assuring longer lamp life with up to 20% improvement in lumen depreciation, following tests with GE lamps over 10,000 hours. Prismatron has a low weight, only 20% that of conventional EM ballasts, and is mounted remotely to the luminaire. Prismatron also operates with low noise and low ballast losses.

HOLOS measures the daylight entering the building and dims the illumination down or switches off to compensate. Microwave sensors with a range of 30 – 60 metres are employed to detect occupancy and HOLOS will lower or raise the lighting levels accordingly. Inclusion of a time clock and simple override buttons with HOLOS ensures that the savings gained are not wasted by lights being left on, whilst a much lower light level can be provided for night time scenes.

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