Holiday Cottages Eco-Comfort

Nu-Heat’s combination of underfloor heating and air source heat pump technology offers up to 20% energy savings with a low carbon footprint – ideal as an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for a holiday cottage conversion in Devon.

For the conversion of two derelict farm buildings the installer needed to maximise the available living area. The ability to increase floor space up to 15% by removing the requirement for radiators made underfloor heating a rational choice. The use of air source heat pumps further maximised use of the internal area. ‘We housed the cylinders outside in a purpose-built area at the rear of one of the cottages, which allowed central location of a lot of the pipe-work and kept the majority of the mechanical equipment in one place,’ builder Paul Pulman commented.

The low flow temperatures associated with underfloor heating are ideal for heat pumps as they enable the maximum efficiency of the units to be achieved. When underfloor heating systems are specifically designed to be fed by a heat pump, additional tubing and more efficient floor constructions can be used to allow even lower flow temperatures, typically 35oC – 45oC, whilst still achieving the required air temperature inside the property.

For the holiday cottage conversion, Nu-Heat carried out an extensive and thorough system design procedure and recommended integrating the underfloor heating with an 8kW air source heat pump linked to a cylinder to satisfy the domestic hot water demand in each of the cottages. The air source heat pump with a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) of around 3.51 was specified. ‘According to our heat pump calculations, this has the potential to reduce the annual fuel consumption of the cottages of around 50% against gas and 58% against oil’ said Adrian Troop, Nu-Heat’s Sales and Marketing Director.

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