High Performance Cavity Wall Solution from Knauf Insulation

In order to help specifiers meet the requirements of Part L1A of the Building Regulations, Knauf Insulation has launched Supafil 34 – a new high quality blown-in mineral wool with a thermal conductivity value of just 0.034W/mK.


Supafil 34 offers an unrivalled combination of advanced thermal performance and on-site practicality – backed up by a rigorous testing process that ensures complete customer confidence.  Not only does Supafil 34 have the lowest thermal conductivity value of any blown-in mineral wool product in the UK1, it is also the UK’s first blown insulation product to meet the new Lambda 90/90 requirement of European Standard BS EN 14064:1:2010, which provides specifiers with greater assurance of long term thermal performance.


With full BBA certification, specifiers can be confident that Supafil 34 can be used in all exposure zones, as meticulous testing has shown that it does not absorb water by capillary action or allow water to track across it to the inner leaf.  What’s more, Supafil 34 is installed by approved installing technicians, all of whom are trained by Knauf Insulation’s nationwide team of technical managers in accordance with the BBA Surveillance Scheme, ensuring the system is correctly installed and performs effectively for the life of the building.


In terms of sustainability, Supafil 34 has an extremely low environmental impact. It has a BRE Green Guide generic rating of A+ and is manufactured using recycled glass bottles. In addition, Supafil 34 is compression packed to reduce vehicle movements and transport related CO2 emissions, and is installed on site with virtually no wastage – all contributing to make Supafil 34 one of the most environmentally friendly products available.


Supafil 34 reduces the potential for costly on-site delays, as it has been designed for high-speed installation which is unaffected by severe weather and cold temperatures in the winter months.


Furthermore, glass mineral wool is the only insulant proven to work as a full fill solution for both external and party walls. Supafil 34 can also be used to insulate party walls and provides both a thermal and acoustic solution, and is acceptable for use with a large number of masonry cavity wall Robust Detail solutions. Using Supafil 34 for both external and party walls offers many on site efficiencies and means that all cavity walls can be insulated at the same time, saving on labour, machinery and onsite costs.


Steve Smith, Knauf Insulation Market Manager, Residential New Build, said: “The new Building Regulations and European standards are placing ever more stringent demands on specifiers and it is essential that they can rest assured the products they choose will meet requirements.  We are committed to developing reliable solutions that are fit for our customers’ purposes and the new Supafil 34 product is a clear example of this.”

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