Hidden benefits of concealment

Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers have become the specifier’s choice for a wide variety of projects thanks to the fact that they are totally invisible when the door is closed.

British designed and manufactured, and available in standard and Free Swing models, Powermatics enable designers to retain a clean, unhindered appearance to the door, without intrusion from the unsightly control boxes and mechanical arms that are an unavoidable consequence of using surface-mounted devices.

A must for projects where aesthetics are paramount, Powermatics are also highly desirable in psychiatric and care facilities where a more homely, less institutionalised atmosphere is recognised to aid the healing process and enhance the well-being of patients and residents.

The benefits of concealment also go far beyond aesthetic considerations:

A reduced opportunity for the door closer to be vandalised improves reliability of the door to close when needed, particularly important in times of emergency. It also reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Concealment also makes Powermatic door closers eminently suitable for anti-ligature and anti-barricade applications, as well as for use in areas that are not constantly monitored, but where the risk of ligature might be considered present, for example in educational and health facilities. In fact, Powermatic door closers are the preferred solution for many proprietary anti-ligature and anti-barricade door systems.

Finally, the absence of significant horizontal surfaces minimises exposure to germs and detritus, enhancing hygiene and simplifying cleaning, making Powermatics ideal for installation in healthcare environments.

Powermatic also boasts a plethora of technical performance credentials which make the closer ideal for a wide variety of fire door applications in critical areas of buildings. These include CE marking, Certifire approval and the ability to enable doors to comply with BS8300 and Approved Document M of the Building Regulations.

Concealment, excellent performance and outstanding reliability make Powermatics the ideal solution for automatic closing of fire and non-fire doors alike, delivering benefits to a wide variety of commercial, hotel, health, education and housing developments.

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