Hewitech sets up UK Company to serve drainage and water industry

Following some 20 years of successful business in Germany and mainland Europe, the plastics media specialist Hewitech has set up a subsidiary Hewitech UK in Cheltenham.

Headed up by director Dave Fozzard, who has a long background in the industry initially with Wavin and then with Aquatek since sold to Charcon, Hewitech UK is well placed to take a significant share of the UK market in waste water treatment and storm water management. 

The Hewitech parent company based in Ochtrup, Germany is an innovator of recycled polypropylene media for a variety of applications from cooling towers and cool pads for air treatment to storm water management and waste water treatment.  Indeed it is an extremely versatile company that makes its own tooling, has 3D design, manufactures the product and completes the cycle with installation on site. 

Hewitech UK is already making its mark in Britain with contracts recently won with Southern Water for waste water treatment and with companies such as Kier for storm water management.  Dave Fozzard confidently predicts an excellent future for the new company in the UK and explained, “ As a result of these early successes, we will shortly be laying down tooling in the UK for local manufacture of product”. He continued, “For storm water management we have the strongest product in the market at 700KN/m2 vertically and 200KN/m2  laterally, all tested to RAL standards which are currently more stringent than those in the UK”. 

In waste water treatment, Hewitech UK offers nitrification filters to remove ammonia in municipal waste water treatment and also media for submerged aeration filters (SAF) usually supplied to OEMs for building into residential and commercial waste water treatment plants.

Where a project is big enough, say over 5,000m3, Hewitech is able to employ one of their specialist machines on site for welding polypropylene filter media modules, this being highly sophisticated and controlled via GPS from the main manufacturing plant in Germany.

Hewitech UK sees their key markets in the UK as municipal and industrial waste water, schools, construction, retail, offices, defence, and also in housing.  There are also plans to introduce some existing storm water products in the European Hewitech product range into the UK market as they satisfy future UK legislation and sustainability expectations in the urban environment.

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