Hemp Technology Launches New Hemp Insulation At Ecobuild 2010

Hemp Technology, has announced the launch of Breathe™, an innovative new natural fibre insulation. The sustainably sourced product, which will play a key role in the nation’s drive to zero carbon construction, was launched at Ecobuild, the world’s largest sustainable construction event, at Earls Court, London, between the 2nd and 4th March 2010.

Produced from UK grown hemp and flax, Breathe™ offers a renewable and low-carbon means of insulating lofts, walls and floors. An eco-friendly challenge to the dominance of mineral wools, it holds superb performance qualities.

With a thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/mK, Breathe™ performs better than many fibre products. This boosts thermal comfort by reducing overheating in summer and damping internal temperature fluctuations. A high resistance to settlement ensures its good qualities last as long as the building to which it is applied.

Breathe™ is well named, given its immense breathability. Its hemp fibres can absorb and release moisture without damage or the loss of all important thermal performance. With a tolerance of condensation, it is ideal for use in breathable wall construction, making it a key material in constructing healthy homes. This is bolstered by the fact that it is entirely non-toxic and non-irritant.

Being made from organic material doesn’t mean that it lacks the performance of its synthetic equivalents. Hemp is an exceptionally durable material, and, as it is composed of cellulose, does not attract rodents and is not a food source for other animals or insects. Treated with a simple non-reacting agent, the material also holds Euroclass E fire performance standard, meeting the requirements of the building regulations.

Available in a semi-rigid batt, Breathe™ insulation is available in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, or 150mm. It comes in standard sizes of 1,200mm x 575mm and 1,200mm x 375mm.

The main challenge facing today’s built environment is in meeting the demands of a sustainable future. A fully renewable material that is set to cut carbon emissions considerably, Breathe™ will prove a key weapon in the arsenal of environmentally conscious designers, specifiers and builders throughout the industry.

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