Heavenly Lighting From Halo Luminaire

Aura Corporation has recently introduced the new Halo luminaire, a circular surface mounted luminaire body with all the benefits of Actulite polarised daylight lighting in addition to effective side lighting achieved through the use of an opal polycarbonate peripheral diffuser.

Actulite polarised lighting emits a quality of light virtually identical to that of natural daylight, achieved through the combined use of patented Actulite multi-layered light polarising panel, high frequency control gear and specially manufactured triphosphor full spectrum fluorescent tubes. As a result, Actulite lighting increases contrast by 8%, has excellent daylight colour rendering and improves visual acuity by 120%, making it ideal for use in domestic, office and surgery lighting.

The Halo luminaire uses a circular Actulite polarising panel to control downlight whilst removing all glare from emitted light, eliminating harmful ultra violet rays, disturbing reflections and reflective glare. The opal polycarbonate peripheral diffuser around the circumference of the luminaire not only gives effective side lighting but also adds to the aesthetic value of the luminaire.

The Halo is currently available in two sizes. The larger Halo is 640mm in diameter and 90mm deep whilst the smaller model is 355mm in diameter with the same depth. Both come with a white powder coated mild steel gear tray containing high frequency control gear and tubes for ceiling mounting or suspending on stainless steel cables. Engineered with integrity, the Actulite multi layer polarising panel and white powder coated steel-spun rim are attached to the luminaire using four 80mm hex steel spacers and eight zinc plated fixing studs.

Each model is built to IP65 and has T.P(a) Class 1 fire resistance. The Actulite Halo is available in emergency format or with high frequency dimming and is available powder coated in selected colours.

The standard 640mm diameter model Halo is available either with two 15 Watt and two 18 Watt T8 colour 865 triphosphor tubes or with four 15 Watt T8 colour 865 triphosphor tubes.

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