Heatrae Sadia has announced the launch of the new, next generation of its marketing leading Megaflo HE unvented cylinder, the Megaflo eco.

Megaflo eco has been designed by the company against stringent objectives to achieve the ultimate in quality and performance and provide the best possible product for the customer.

As part of the development process, Heatrae Sadia has paid particular attention to heat loss levels and believes this is key to providing more efficient operation.  The new Megaflo eco loses almost 30 per cent less heat than the previous model and this has been achieved by using thermal imagery testing techniques to ensure all areas of the cylinder are covered.

In addition, extra insulation has been added across all surface areas making the new model slightly larger than the existing cylinder by just 2.7cm.  At 579mm it will more than easily fit inside the average airing cupboard door, with the standard being 600mm. 

Jon Cockburn, head of marketing for Heatrae Sadia, said: “We have always enjoyed being at the very pinnacle of the unvented cylinder market and the very name Megaflo defines the term.   This is underlined by the fact that market research continually confirms Heatrae Sadia and Megaflo as leaders of the UK water heating market.

“We’ve never been a company to sit back on our laurels and we realised quite sometime ago that we could not afford to stand still and for the sake of our company, our customers and our planet, we needed to keep moving forward and push the boundaries of product development, technology and energy efficiency.

“At Heatrae Sadia, we always try and look at things differently, and part of the new Megaflo eco range will have specific low to zero carbon offerings for use with solar collectors and air source heat pumps, which like all models, will have impressive heat loss performance.

“As we enter the new era of the Megaflo, we believe that heat loss is the key parameter that all cylinders should be measured against so that installers and specifiers can have confidence in the equipment they are selecting.  To this end, clear, generic testing procedures have to be the minimum standard for our industry and as members of the HWA*, we will be encouraging the association to recognise this as its primary objective as we move into 2011.”

Megaflo eco includes many further advancements on the existing successful model, including 20 per cent improvement in flow at low pressure.  This is particularly relevant in the larger conurbations where pressure can fluctuate considerably.  In addition, a three piece inlet water valve control, which gives installers the flexibility to site the pressure reducing value at the mains water entry point, will ensure balanced pressure throughout all hot and cold outlets in a property. 

Pre plumbed, system fit options are also available to offer an overall neater and more aesthetically pleasing appearance of the cylinder when in situ.

Megaflo eco’s green credentials are many; being manufactured from 90 per cent recyclable materials, it can also work with a wide range of renewable products including solar collectors and air source heat pumps.  The increased insulation and reduced heat loss rating ensures it will fall well within the requirements of the anticipated EuP, band C, which is expected to be the minimum requirement from 2013.

Megaflo eco is easy to install without the need for specialist tools and equipment, with a key benefit being the pre wired wiring centre.   The indirect models also feature Titanium heating elements.

As with the existing Megaflo models, the cylinder carries a lifetime warranty including on site service support.

For further information visit www.heatraesadia.com or call 01603 420 220. 

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