Heatrae Sadia launches new Aquatap

Heatrae Sadia has announced the launch of its new Aquatap boiling and chilled water unit, which has been designed for use in a wide variety of applications.


Described by the company as an ideal drinks solution for the workplace, the Aquatap unit is located underneath the worktop and is permanently connected to the mains water supply.  The dispenser tap is then fixed on the top of the counter, usually next to the mains water taps, and provides a constant supply of boiling water for tea, coffee and other hot drink and snacks.


Units such as Aquatap have become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to kettles, urns and drinks machines, particularly for use in workplace situations such as staff rooms, as well as in public facilities including hospitals, doctors' surgeries and clinics.


In addition, with more emphasis being placed on the importance of drinking enough water to remain sufficiently hydrated throughout the day, Aquatap delivers plentiful supplies of chilled water.  Standalone water coolers can prove to be expensive and drinkable tap water is often poor tasting and warm, so a plumbed-in unit such as Aquatap offers the answer for the user.


Robin Wood, Technical Sales Engineer for Heatrae Sadia, said: " Our new Aquatap has been developed to offer a stylish and easy to install hot and cold water solution. Traditionally, workplace kitchens and staff areas with Kettles and coffee machines continually on the go tend to create a messy and disorganised environment.  Increasingly, companies and organisations are turning to permanently connected solutions such as Aquatap which offers a cleaner, more efficient and less time consuming solution for the provision of hot and cold drinks".


Aquatap offers five litres capacity for the delivery of up to 30 consecutive cups* of boiling water.  Based on Heatrae Sadia's market leading Supreme, it includes similar built-in safety features and the same Intelliboil™Plus technology.  As well as offering energy saving benefits for the user, it effectively manages the boiling cycle by regularly brining the contents of the water container to the boil in response to on-going use demand.  A 'temperature ready' LED indicator advises when Aquatap is ready for use.


The unit is available in three versions from October 2011; boiling, boiling/chilled and boiling and ambient.  A drip tray for counter mounting is available as well as an extension piece to enable larger vessels such as flasks and water bottles to be filled.


*Based on a 167ml cup.

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