Heatrae Sadia Launches Innovative SolaReady Package

Heatrae Sadia has launched the Megaflo Eco SolaReady, designed to simplify solar thermal hot water installations, reduce costs and improve site efficiencies as a whole.


An innovative combination of a high performance Megaflo Eco Solar cylinder and a factory wired and plumbed pump station, the Megaflo Eco SolaReady offers installers and contractors a number of new benefits. All that is required to set up the cylinder is to connect the solar flow and return to the unit, and then to connect one sensor to the collectors. The installation is then complete and ready for simple commissioning.


Megaflo Eco SolaReady comes with a wide selection of collector arrangements, which can suit a wide variety of requirements. These include on-roof, in-roof and A-frame flat plate collectors and evacuated tubes.


As all cylinder connections are made in the quality-controlled factory environment, Heatrae Sadia can ensure that each unit is identical and that the pre–insulated solar pipe-work is neat and fully supported. This allows for a simple, neat, trouble-free and consistent installation every time.


Jon Cockburn, head of marketing at Heatrae Sadia, said: “Market research continually confirms that Megaflo leads the UK water heating market. We take this position very seriously and are always looking for new ways to innovate and expand to meet the needs installers, contractors and consumers.


Megaflo Eco SolaReady is unique to the UK and will deliver many benefits including reduced costs.


As with all Megaflo products, the SolaReady has been created with energy efficiency in mind. In addition to the cylinder and the pump station, the system comes with a pre–wired Megaflo differential temperate controller. This controller, combined with the 60mm of cylinder insulation, means that heat loss is minimised and energy efficiency is maximised.

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