Heatrae Sadia adds an extended warranty offer to its drinking water service plans

Heatrae Sadia has enhanced its service plans for its drinking water units by including an extended warranty offer.

When customers purchase a service plan for Heatrae Sadia’s Aquatap or Supreme drinking water products, they can also extend the two-year manufacturer’s warranty for up to five years.  It is one of the longest warranties available in the drinking water unit market, offering ultimate peace of mind for the end user.

The warranty protects against unexpected repair, parts and labour costs, and also provides access to Heatrae Sadia’s dedicated customer care team, as well as specialist engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of the product. In addition, Aquatap also comes with the added benefit of free product commissioning.

To benefit, customers register their product and take out a basic or premium level service plan. This will automatically extend the warranty for 12 months, with the option of extending it for a further two years.

Steve Rickards, commercial director at Heatrae Sadia, said: “When teamed with our free product commissioning offer for Aquatap, we provide one of the most competitive after sales packages on the market, ensuring that the end user can be confident that the product they are purchasing will continue to deliver long after installation.”

The Supreme is Heatrae Sadia’s range of permanently-plumbed, electrically-powered water boiling units. Including the Intelliboil Plus technology, they can bring water to the boil on demand. The range is available in eleven capacities.

Aquatap, meanwhile, is a compact unit suitable for busy staff rooms or kitchens which can be installed over an existing sink or on a counter top. Cool to the touch, it can deliver an immediate output of up to 30 cups of boiling water and offers provision for chilled and ambient water too.

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