Heath & Reach -Grid Connected Solar PV, Thermal & Wind Turbine

A grid connected 1 kWp solar PV array, small scale 300 wind turbine and solar thermal hot water system have been installed and commissioned by Aylesbury based Ardenham Energy Ltd in Heath & Reach in South Bedfordshire. It is one of the first properties in the UK to include all 3 renewable technologies, and the first to source generation equipment from organisations with manufacturing facilities in the UK.

The installation was undertaken following planning approval by South Bedfordshire District Council in April 2006. The electricity generated from the PV array and wind turbine is synchronised with the grid supply and will be used to supply clean energy to the property. Excess energy will be exported to the grid for use elsewhere. The evacuated tube solar thermal system provides hot water to the cylinder within the property.
The 1kWp PV array made up of 6 170Wp PV Modules manufactured by Sharp (UK) in Wrexham will generate 800 units+ per annum equivalent to 25% of the properties electricity consumption.

Installer: Ardenham Energy
Project summary:
Date commissioned: 2006
Forecast kWh generation/year: 800.00
Technology: Solar PV
Panel area (m2): 3972.00
Installation Type: Roof mounted
Building integrated: No
System size (kWp) 1.00
Forecast CO2 saving/year(kg): 355.00

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