Heat pumps - Warm it up and cool it down

Stiebel Eltron heat pumps, part of Applied Energy’s energy-saving range of brands, successfully delivers heating and domestic hot water by utilising renewable heat sources from the surrounding environment. The WPC range however, goes one step further, by offering cooling temperatures for those hot, balmy days of summer.

The WPC Cool model, part of Stiebel’s brine/water heating modules, operates by drawing energy from a geothermal probe located under ground. Fitted with a DHW 200 litre water cylinder under the sound proofed external casing, this brine/water heat pump features integrated safety systems and control components for fully automated operation.

By the addition of one crucial component the WPC Cool unit’s integral heat exchanger can be used for reducing temperatures by several degrees - at the same time, delivering hot water as required.

The WPC Cool operates perfectly with underfloor heating systems or fan convectors, and energy demand is minimal. The compact unit is easy to install and is suitable for internal installation in tight spaces in kitchens or utility rooms.

If fuel used by conventional boilers were redirected to supply power for electric heat pumps, between 35 – 50% less fuel would be need – resulting in 35-50% less emissions.

For information on Stiebel Eltron’s extensive range of air/water, water/water and brine/water heat pump systems contact Applied Energy direct on 08709 000450, alternatively visit www.applied-energy.com

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