Health & Safety Issues Resolved By New Janisol Steel Door

New from steel systems specialist Schueco Jansen is a thermally insulated, glazed steel door that combines stylish looks, slim       sight-lines, minimal heat loss and a reassuring level of operational safety, thanks to a door jamb and stile that have been designed to minimise the risk of trapped fingers.


Believed to be the first steel 'safety' door to be available in the UK, the Janisol anti-fingertrap door is constructed from 60mm deep steel profiles and utilises maintenance-free, high-performance pivot hinges that can accommodate leaf sizes up to 1400mm x 3000mm and weights up to 250kg. Its safety characteristics and robust strength make it particularly suitable for heavily trafficked areas in public buildings such as schools, hospitals and shopping centres.


Tested to 1 million cycles, the new Janisol door is long-lasting and available in a variety of configurations including single- and double-door sets, with or without side and top lights. It can accommodate glazing units up to 37mm thick and meets the EN 1435-1 standard for external doors. Integrated door closers and automatic side-hung door drives can be specified if required.


The Janisol anti-fingertrap door is part of Schueco Jansen's  comprehensive range of steel window, door and façade systems whose common attributes include narrow profile dimensions, high structural strength and excellent fire and burglar resistance. They also offer impressive levels of thermal insulation and sound reduction.


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