Headquarters Roof Used To Highlight Solar Benefits

Mitsubishi Electric is using the roof of its three-storey headquarters in Hatfield to significantly lower its carbon footprint by generating electricity and earn income from the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme.

The company has installed a Photovoltaic (PV) system with a net install capacity of 49.4kW using the latest hi-efficiency, monocrystalline PV modules – the MLT255HC – and these are now expected to deliver over 42,000 kWh per year with a CO2 saving of over 22 metric tons.

The two roof sections of the L-shaped building are typical flat roofs with a waterproof membrane covering and in order to avoid penetrating this membrane, Mitsubishi Electric has used a ballasted A-frame system designed and supplied by Big Foot Systems.

The installation was completed by MITIE Energy, the strategic outsourcing and energy services company and the modules are pitched at 10° and orientated at 30° east of due south – a configuration which maximised the use of the available roof space. A Fronius CL48 three-phase central inverter, which has a nominal ouput of 48kW, links the PV array to the building.

“As a major player in the PV industry, we thought we should take advantage of the huge flat roof we have here at our Hatfield headquarters to highlight how simple these systems are to install and just how much carbon can be saved and how much electricity generated,” explains Perry Jackson, General Manager of the company’s Photovoltaics Division. The company is monitoring the performance of the PV system using a Fronius Datalogger web monitoring system. This displays real-time and historical data on a web page that can also be accessed by Mitsubishi Electric’s customers.

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