Headline Role For Kee Safety

In the fast-paced movie industry where every shot counts, film and television equipment suppliers, Bickers Action is depending on Kee Safety fittings to ensure its filming kit is securely assembled to capture the perfect scene. 

Bickers Action provides tracking vehicles and on-set support for the film industry. Involved in big budget movies such as James Bond, Batman, Harry Potter and Bourne Identity, a reliable structure that securely holds the filming equipment in place is required.  Kee Safety has been supplying its Kee Klamp® and Kee Lite® fittings to Bickers Action for a number of years due to the versatile nature of its systems.

“After previously trying other fitting manufacturers, we realised the service and products provided by Kee Safety were the best,” explains Paul Bickers, Managing Director for Bickers Action. “Its range of fittings allows us to quickly construct a framework that meets the requirements of each filming session, creating a safe structure for the equipment and film crew. I look forward to continuing to work with Kee Safety for many years to come.”

Kee Klamp® fittings securely join standard size steel tubing into almost any configuration imaginable, making them suitable for use within a wide variety of applications. Manufactured from galvanised steel, the fittings provide maximum durability and strength. Kee Lite® fittings are a lighter option, making them especially easy to handle and quick to assemble, saving both time and cost. With no welding or threading required, the only tool needed for fitting Kee Lite® and Kee Klamp® is a hex key.

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