Has recycling become a kitchen sink drama?

Waste management is becoming more and more of an issue for central and local government. But it is also becoming an issue for UK householders.

Many of us by now already have several bins delivered by the local Council for collection of recyclable waste. Put your waste in the wrong bin at your peril; it simply will not be collected! Even if we haven’t yet received the Council bins, some of us may have our own recycling bin, or box, which lives in the garden or the garage but, whatever the situation, we don’t want to go outside every time we finish the newspaper or the cornflakes.

For many households the pile of the ‘recyclables’ lives on the draining board until someone gathers them together and takes them outside, or worse (and now illegal in many areas), grows sick of the sight of them and throws them into the wrong rubbish bin.

Aware of the increasing problem of sorting and storing different types of waste in the kitchen, Blanco of Germany, famous for high quality sinks, worktop systems and taps, also offers a series of BLANCOSELECT waste sorting solutions. They feature a number of different sized container bins mounted in steel cabinet exteriors on a slide-out mechanism for easy access; the cabinet exterior acts as a hygienic cover, and the systems are all designed to fit into a standard kitchen base unit. Up to four containers of varying sizes can fit into a 60cm base unit, and 2 in a 45cm base unit, taking up to around 50kg of recyclable waste. When full, the ‘bins’ can simply be lifted out and carried outside, to be emptied into the appropriate box or wheelie bin.

Blanco Select systems start at around £112, and they can be retrofitted to existing units.

If you’re looking to incorporate other ‘green’ ideas into your kitchen, take a closer look at the BLANCOFILTRA tap. Designed with its own integral filtration system for drinking water, the FILTRA tap can drastically reduce the amount of waste created by drinking bottled water. The tap also has a flow restrictor, which the householder can easily adjust to reduce the amount of water used for domestic purposes.

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