Harvard and Google collaborate on project aiming to reduce harmful chemicals in construction materials

Harvard University and Google have begun collaborating on a research project that aims to identify and reduce harmful chemicals in construction materials.

The project is being undertaken by Harvard's Center for Health and the Global Environment, and their partnership with Google will draw on ongoing scientific research to develop tools to identify chemicals in construction materials that cause long-term harm. The project, the research team hope, will inform global decisions on the health performance of materials used in construction and renovation projects. 

Image credit: Will Hart 

The research will develop solutions to implement better construction practices in Harvard and Google’s buildings and then scale the results to a wider audience.

The scheme has highlighted that the findings on chemical properties (published in scientific literature) don’t often permeate into manufacturer's decision making. The project intends to initially design Harvard as a 'living laboratory', and develop long-term solutions to reduce exposure of unsafe compounds without affecting building costs and timescales.

To view more about the project click here.

Google image credit: Carlos Luna 



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