Hanson Formpave’s Aquaflow Takes The Market By Storm - Expansion announced to meet demand in 2008

Coleford, Gloucestershire - 12th June 2008 - Hanson Formpave, manufacturers of specialist concrete paving products, has seen demand for its market leading Aquaflow™ permeable paving system substantially increase following recent extreme weather conditions, and a nationwide recognition of the requirement for more SUDS solutions within the built environment.

Almost every meteorological forecast is showing that climate change is going to create warmer and wetter winters corresponding with warmer and dryer summers. Therefore the requirement for more affordable solutions that can both relieve flooding issues and assist in drought conditions is essential.

The Hanson Formpave Aquaflow permeable paving system is the obvious choice for controlling storm water and cleaning run-off that is suitable for re-use (rainwater harvesting). Water can be captured from all impermeable areas, such as roofs, paths and driveways and is then cleaned in the unique sub-base, creating safe PH neutral water. The sub-base also acts as a natural hydrobrake and attenuates the flow of water, delaying discharge by approximately 4 hours from the peak of storm, and so prevents the drainage network from being overloaded and in turn alleviates flood risk.

Due to this continued national and international success of Aquaflow, Hanson Formpave has expanded its production capacity with a new £8.75m state of the art production plant capable of producing both concrete pavers and aggregate blocks in Peterborough.

Managing director at Hanson Formpave, Brian Garratt said, “This expansion has become necessary to enable us to service the growth in demand for our permeable paving solution. It is important that we continue to invest in our business and this is just the first stage in our expansion programme.”

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